Ted Noten's 'dior001' is a Lethal Medication Reminder

 - May 28, 2011
References: tednoten & designboom
Amsterdam-based jewelry designer Ted Noten creates very unusual and almost controversial works of art. He aims to make most of his designs usable and wearable while combining these unique artistic attributes.

The latest work from Ted Noten will excite those who are trigger-happy. Labeled 'dior001,' this unique nylon-bodied firearm is crafted to holster your daily medication. Noten experimented with other ideas he could turn the firearm into and came up with some clever creations. The dior001 was turned into a firearm that could apply lipstick, nail polish, hold a USB stick and much more unconventional ideas.

You may think that a pistol-shaped makeup applier may not be practical, but it is definitely an amazing work of art for whatever you will use it for.Photo Credits: designboom, tednoten

Implications - Routine activities such as taking daily medication can often be boring, repetitive and tedious. Products that provide even momentary relief form such dullness are certainly going to be of interest to people looking to liven up routine activities throughout their day. Companies that are able to transform boring daily routines to amusing and entertaining micro moments will certainly appeal to a wider audience and market.