The Humangear GoTubb Offers the Handy Storage and Retrieval of Pills and More

 - May 28, 2012
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The taking of medications is, for many people, a repetitive daily exercise, in need of any solution to make the process more efficient. The Humangear GoTubb is more than just a tiny sealed container that comes in three sizes, for it allows the user to open it with one single hand.

The usefulness of this feature makes it much more possible for one to multitask (with attention to dosage of course), acquiring already unwrapped capsules, replacing the lid and gulping them down while the other hand is busy making breakfast. The Humangear GoTubb's top needs simply be squeezed to release and it snaps back into place with a gentle push. You can appreciate the convenience of this attribute for patients taking painkillers for an arm injury especially.