The Tally Prescription Tracker Keeps Tabs on What You've Taken

 - May 9, 2013
References: quirky
Whether you lead a routine lifestyle or one that's more chaotic, it can be difficult to recall if you've had your daily dose of medication. The Tally Prescription Tracker is a simple pill bottle accessory that offers a way for you to metaphorically tick a box to remind yourself later that you've taken your meds.

The Quirky-made product is a stretchy silicone band that comes in three sizes and a variety of colors. This enables you to fix different ones to different capsule containers, or several to the same one for tablets that must be taken multiple times a day. The crenellated edge of the Tally Prescription Tracker encourages you to fold the tabs up and to push them into the little holes that correspond to the particular days of the week.