From Contemporary Sci-Fi Churches to Curving Concrete Cathedrals

 - Aug 8, 2013
Places of worship are often considered holistic and traditional in structure, but these modern church designs are showcasing that these otherwise simple sanctuaries are starting to revolutionize into more contemporary designs.

With modern day youths growing up increasingly more reluctant to religious tendencies and practices, churches have become places of worship that mostly families and older generations of individuals go to pray. These modern and contemporary church designs however, have been dramatically redesigned to feature stunning minimalist influences and sleek exterior appearances, which are sure to appeal to a much more youthful and hip generation of individuals.

From contemporary church designs that utilize hip Sci-Fi references to stunning cathedrals that illuminate fluorescent colors, these unique churches are creatively infusing modern architectural frameworks to create a place of worship that will attract people of all ages and beliefs.