Saint Francis Chapel by Rafael Hintersteiner Focuses on Peace and Goodness

 - Nov 16, 2012
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Churchgoer or not, many people have become accustomed to places of worship being grandiose, every tile, glass and stone decorated with heavy symbolism throughout; the Saint Francis Chapel is everything but grandiose. Instead, it focuses on the intimacy of meditation. As written on the Red Dot website, from which the Saint Francis Chapel has received an award for design concept, "It conveys simplicity and openness, the reduction to elementariness, and the restraint of symbolism."

Designed by Rafael Hintersteiner, the Saint Francis Chapel offers a room of possibility for those in need of reflection. Reduced to structural components, its main concern lies in the inscription on the exterior wall, "pax et bonum." This means "peace and goodness" in latin. As long as people experience that, there is no need for anything else.