God's Loft by LKSVDD Architects Boasts Cheeky Religious References

 - Mar 12, 2013
References: lksvdd.nl & frameweb
Formerly a church, the God's Loft by LKSVDD Architects was adapted into a minimalist loft space that capitalizes on fun.

Located in the Dutch town of Haarlo, this living space was not only affordably converted, but also boasts an extravagant open space. With the simple addition of a mezzanine space along with a striking red staircase, this former temple of worship was converted into a cheeky and livable home.

The concept was realized with the following mantra in mind: "Cherish your inner child, remain pure, playing, exploring, and a little bit naughty." With such a positive approach came the highly original touches included in God's Loft by LKSVDD Architects such as the 'Stairway to Have Fun' and the 'Lost Sheep' garden decor.