- Feb 18, 2011   Updated: May 19 2011
Whether you're a handyman, a chef, or a kid at school, we all need to use measurements at some point or another. This list of 60 measurement-inspired objects is full of wacky and wonderful measuring tools. From bathroom tissue rulers to chemistry cocktails, there are so many ways to have fun with measuring!

Implications - Accuracy is what many aim for when it comes to building anything and thankfully, there have been a few creative tools to help accomplish that. With many consumers looking to take on the task of personalizing their homes, perfection is the number one priority when it comes to decor. So companies have integrated several mechanics in a variety of tools that help home builders execute precision. This convenience will bring consumers the perfect home they've always wanted when they take on construction projects.

From Teasing Tighty Whities to Measurable Wall Hangings: