'Deardiary' Underwear Sizes Up Your Privates

 - Dec 2, 2010
References: etsy & celebrateoddetsy.blogspot
Not so long ago, undergarments were referred to as unmentionables, but brands like 'Deardiary' underwear are giving undies an outspoken attitude.

The lawnmower motif needs no explanation, neither does the milk carton bra. If you think size matters, check out the gray briefs and see how you measure up to this piece of Etsy merchandise. The cheeky 'Deardiary' underwear collection is designed for both men and women who appreciate wearing their humor.

Implications - XX.

After all, who needs those scandalous pairs of see-through underwear when they could sport super-comfy -- and equally cheeky -- panties like these teasing tighty whities. Whipping off your clothes to find this Deaddiary underwear would be a very pleasant and humorous surprise.