- May 26, 2019
The examples in the May 2019 autos round-up seem to be skewed in two extremes— the camping adventurer and the urban commuter.

On one hand, there is quite a bit of car accessories and vehicles that are geared toward assisting individuals in the rural landscape. Examples of this include the Wooly Bear Trailer which is a piece of extremely durable and rugged camping equipment that can be easily attached to any vehicle. Other examples of camping-focused products include a compact car freezer, camper van conversion components, and even an aggressive off-road electric vehicle.

The other side of the May 2019 autos range is mindful of the traffic woes in cities, as well as the need for sustainability. From pop-up bike racks to trafic-curbing electric cars, there is no shortage of the smart use and integration of cutting-edge technology.

From Customizable Camping Trailers to Branded Delivery Dirigibles: