- May 27, 2018
Included in these May 2018 luxury trends are a variety of gorgeous vacation spots, high-end designer apparel, relaxing spa experiences, innovative sports cars, and much more.

One especially luxurious residencies that's featured is on the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, which has the world's first underwater living space, called 'The Muraka.' The stunning space is two storeys high, and comes with a massive master bedroom, powder room, kitchen, living room, bar, dining area, quarters for service staff and security, and a gym. As the residence is under water, it feels like being in a giant private aquarium, making it incredibly peaceful to inhabit.

Also featured is the Golden Bay Hotel's golden bathroom furniture, which fills the exclusive Presidential Suite. In addition to boasting a gold tub, sink, urinal, plates, cutlery, tea sets, and more, the immaculate suite has stunning views of the city below.

From Gold BMX Bikes to Stunning Private Island Resorts: