The Golden Bay Hotel's Presidential Suite is Shiny & Glamorous

 - Apr 25, 2018
References: dananggoldenbay & luxurylaunches
A hotel in Vietnam's Da Nang City offers guests the ultimate luxurious experience with a ridiculously glamorous Presidential Suite that boasts gold bathroom furniture with extraordinary views of the surrounding landscape. The soaking tub alone is crafted out of 24 karat gold. In addition, the sinks, the urinal and the bidet are also created out of the ultra-luxe metal.

Guests of the Golden Bay Hotel's Presidential Suite do not only get to enjoy gold bathroom furniture and sweeping views of the city, however—they also are served meals on gold plates and flatware.

As the incorporation of the precious metal in interior design is the Golden Bay Hotel's way of ensuring its guests receive the ultimate high-end and luxurious experience, the establishment also holds the world record for the largest 24 karat swimming pool.