24 Flashbacks To The 70s + Maureen McCormick Relives Brady Bunch Scandals

 - Oct 14, 2008
As Maureen McCormick knows, the entertainment industry in the 1970s was full of sex, drugs and scandal.

Maureen McCormick quickly shot to fame in her young years for playing Marcia Brady. The success of the Brady Bunch led her to a private life on the edge, fueled by "cocaine binging, trading sex for drugs and dating Greg Brady, her TV sibling," according to the LA Times blog.

Maureen McCormick released her autobiography this week in which she unveils these secrets in raw, emotional detail.

The flashback to 70s pop culture had me curious about an era before my time, so I put together the following slideshow of things inspired by the swinging decade, from shag and paisley to cut-out mustaches.