2008 Cruise Collection

 - Nov 3, 2007
References: fabsugar
Luxury fashion design house, Gucci, has created a glamorous new video advertisement for their 2008 Cruise Collection. The campaign channels the glamorous appeal of retro Hollywood Models Natasha Poly and Julien Ferre add dramatic allure to the Grease-meets-James Bond clips, filling their poses with extreme attitude fitting for the collection.

Completing the look are the couple's deep tans and Poly's '70s-inspired makeup. The duo run through wheat fields, gaze out at the ocean, and relax in a classic old timer car. Jeans are skinny, shirts are tucked in, both wear era-inspired sunglasses, and Poly's hair is center-parted and wild. She wears an array of beautiful dresses, and heels which each outfit, drawing out the embrace of femininity associated with decades past.

The term "Cruise Collection," is one used by many high end designers, and refers to lines debuting between major collections each season, and are geared at the "jet set." The NY Times gave their explanation a few years ago, which still holds valid today. "Ever since they began selling ready-to-wear in this country on a large scale a decade or so ago, French and Italian designers have homed in on an essentially American creation, the fashion season known as cruise and resort.

"It was this commercial consideration that impelled the Europeans to offer cruise collections before they actually understood the thinking behind the season that falls between fall and spring. Two seasons a year are the rule for European fashion houses; four or more are handled by American ones."

Gucci's latest ad, then, caters to the moneyed individuals looking to enhance their lives with luxurious commodities including opulent clothing to compliment lavish vacation choices.