- Mar 24, 2018
These March 2018 luxury trends include plenty of products, apps, services, vehicles, and travel accommodations for those in the upper tax bracket, or just those who would like to appear so.

One especially obscure item that's featured is the gold donut that was sold in the Adelaide metropolitan area of South Australia, which was infused with Cristal champagne and covered in 24-karat gold. The luxurious dessert was created by Club Gold and sold on Valentine's Day, prompting consumers who were looking to wow their partners to head to the shop. One donut cost $100, half dozen could be purchased for $500, and a dozen went for $1,000, with the latter hand-delivered by a representative of the company,

Also included is the LUXY dating app, which was created by a Hong Kong-based start-up that aims to appeal to consumers who make more than $1 million annually. Although the app can be downloaded for free, a number of paid features are included within, which can be covered with Bitcoin if a user chooses.

From Timepiece-Integrated Padlocks to Airship-carrying Yachts: