'RIND' Makes Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free "Cheese" in a European Style

 - Feb 19, 2018
References: rind.nyc & instagram
RIND is an all-new cruelty-free cheese brand that is set to launched in select restaurants throughout New York as of next year. The vegan cheese brand is now testing ripened cheese flavors made using a traditional process that has ancient microbes to break down fats, proteins, and sugars.

RIND is a new collaborative venture from Joshua Katcher, the founder of vegan fashion brand Brave Gentleman and vegan tattoo shop owner Dina DiCenso.

Although RIND has developed a plant-based blend of flavors that will appeal to those who love classic brie, Camembert and blue cheeses, Katcher notes that: "our cheese isn’t just an ‘alternative, we think it’s fantastic in its own right." As the brand sees it, the global market for plant-based cheese is only set to grow in the next decade and it wants to satisfy a demand for "bloomy, European-style, aged, plant-based cheeses."

Image Credit: Instagram