From Designer Brand Candy Shops to Elegant Tea Chocolates

 - Mar 25, 2017
These March 2017 luxury trends incorporate a range of different products and experiences, including the eco-friendly SUV that was created by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kreisel Electric G-Class, the silk fans from Gucci, and much more.

One innovation that especially stands out are the gold-plated sushi rolls from Shinjuku Isetan, which are sure to satisfy seafood lovers who have a very refined sense of taste. The luxurious look is created by wrapping a thin layer of edible gold around the seaweed's exterior, which hosts over a dozen different premium ingredients.

Also featured in these March 2017 luxury trends are the $96,000 football cufflinks from JACOB & CO. Made from white diamonds and 18 karat yellow gold, the masculine accessories take formal ensembles to the next level.