- Mar 25, 2017
These March 2017 business trends include private office pods for those looking to get away from their desks, flying rideshare drones, designer brand candy shops, and much more.

For offices that favor a more unconventional aesthetic, there's wearable pods from designer Yang Zhao. The pods, which emulate the shape of a large dorsal fin, are called the 'SharkMan,' and can be used in four different ways. They can be used to hold laptops comfortably on one's lap, function as a small working booth, be a desk, and even be used to sleep in.

Also included in these March 2017 business trends is Unilever Foundry's 'Level3' B2B co-working space in Singapore. A 22,000-square-foot space, Level3 offers enough space for both Unilever teams, as well as a series of different start-ups, including those that focus on marketing, technology, social impact, and ingredient experimentation.

From Marathon Runner Subscriptions to In-Store Ordering Kiosks: