The Heritage Store in New Delhi Combines Fashion and Tradition

 - Feb 16, 2017
The Heritage store in New Delhi, India, is a dramatic boutique that turns the traditional formal wear shopping experience on its head. Instead of an expansive space filled with the latest styles, this shop is located underground in a dramatic, brick-walled room.

The Heritage store in New Delhi is a formal boutique that primarily caters to men. The shop is located below ground in an eye-catching and decidedly masculine space. The interior of the store is made from burnt bricks, with elements of copper peppered throughout. The entrance also features a dramatic multicolored screen made from glass, metal and threads. As far as the merchandise, the clothes are displayed on floating shelves so that each garment can stand out as if it were a piece of art.

While many retailers have opted for a more minimalist approach, the Heritage store demonstrates that traditional elements such as bricks and copper can be equally captivating.