From Hiccup-Curing Lollipops to S'more Truffle Pops

 - Jul 24, 2012
These Luscious Lollipops are perfect for a summer treat or a DIY kitchen confection. Lollipops have become so much more than a treat you were given as a child for sitting through the dentist's poking and prodding of your teeth. They have integrated themselves into fashion, medicine and delved deeper into the sweets world. Now cakes are created in the likeness of lollipops, giving consumers a quick bite of cake without the commitment of the plate and size of the piece.

Lollipops are frequently used in suggestive advertising that is aimed at adults. Finding a place in fashion, they have often been used as sexualized props that seek to sell a certain lifestyle or person. However, they are often also used as a whimsical accessory and, more frequently, a hilariously quirky dessert option like that seen with the lollipop facial hair.