This Julia Chernih ‘CANDYPOP.ME’ Series is De

 - Jun 8, 2012
References: fashionserved
Kiev, Ukraine-based fashion photographer Julia Chernih’s recent series ‘CANDYPOP.ME’ is, as its name suggests, inspired by candy. This is unmistakably apparent in some of the shots, while in others the connection is a touch more abstract.

One photograph depicts model Kaya (Studio-1) wearing a purple, fur dress, dark eye shadow and glossy, rainbow-hued lipstick licking an over-sized lollipop. This is obviously candy-inspired. In contrast, other photographs depict Kaya sporting more monochromatic colors like black and white, though she also wears glossy jewelry, which reminds one of the sheen of hard candy. Taken in this light, her black and white outfits bring to mind images of black liquorice and vanilla treats. 

The concept and styling for this series is owed to Stasya Monastyrskaya with help from assistant stylist Diana Golubeva, while the make up is the work of Tanya Mogila.