Cakespy Disguise Biscuits Give Food a Fresh Face

Most people have a set of those novelty nose-and-glasses masks for a quick, quirky disguise, but these Cakespy disguise biscuits employ that iconic gag-shop image to conceal the true identity of sugar cookies. Posted on the Munchkin Munchies blog in honor of April Fool's Day, these delectable false faces bring even more fun to treat eating.

Inspired by disguise napkin rings from the Easter issue of Celebrate Magazine, these nosy nibbles are a great DIY baking challenge that require nothing more than basic ingredients and a little enthusiasm. The masks can be traced onto the cookie dough from a hand-drawn sketch and decorated with a black outline in royal icing. A lollipop stick stuck below the nostrils mean that these Cakespy disguise biscuits can actually be donned -- briefly -- before being devoured.