These Snoop Dogg Cookies are Loaded With Pink Sprinkles & Sweet Detailing

 - Jul 18, 2011
References: cakeyperry.wordpress
These Snoop Dogg Cookies, made by Natasha and featured on the Cake Perry blog, portray the thugged-out rapper in a very charming and endearing perspective. Each of these Snoop Dogg Cookies has been made to look like a cute, girly lollipop, featuring the rapper's face in the middle surrounded by hundred of pretty, pink and yellow sprinkles. The detailing of Snoop's face is truly astonishing and easily recognizable.

Each of the Snoop Dogg Cookies also features a candy-coated heart with different expressions, such as "Let's Kiss," "Love" and "My Hero." The Snoop Dogg Cookies are both adorable and highly ironic.

Implications - A simple way for businesses to appeal to a wide audience is through the use of irony or juxtaposition. In doing, so consumers will be easily amused and entertained by products with these qualities. Consumers are much more likely to invest in a product with which they feel a sense of familiarity or ease.