From Playful Boho Styles to Fierce Pocahontas Fashion

 - Mar 18, 2012
A decade ago it was considered anything but chic to look like your mother, but these luscious gypsy looks demonstrate how times have changed.

The gypsy look, otherwise known as a bohemian flair, is making a bold resurgence in the fashion industry, and this occurrence takes cues from fashion setters of the seventies. Long, flowing maxi dresses and cut-off jeans are just a couple of the staple looks many individuals wore to Woodstock. Now these styles can be seen on the street in full force, especially during the warm summer months. The real fashionistas are the ones who managed to bring their own twist to the bohemian style, but just don’t go overboard because you could start looking like an out-of-date hippie.

Check out these luscious gypsy looks for some fashion inspiration set by your own mother.