The OE Magazine Winter 2011 Editorial Displays Geometric Charm

While most editorials use a set full of props and luxuries, the OE Magazine Winter 2011 editorial takes a different route by featuring breathtaking outdoor scenes, capturing nature at its finest.

The editorial, titled ‘Breaking the spell,’ features models Anna Fath and Tatjana Gridnev. The duo will spellbind readers with their naturally innocent facial features and svelte figures. The entire series is shot in black and white, and thus adds a mysterious aura to the shoot.

Captured by Philip Bruederle, the shoot depicts fragmented captures that look like a fashion collage. The styling credit goes to Edyta Kopcio, who made the models look like forest goddesses. The models take on a bohemian appearance with a twist, making the OE Magazine Winter 2011 editorial right on track with this season's hottest fashion fads.