From Honking National Anthems to Nostalgic Sports Commercials

 - Jul 30, 2012
The collection of London 2012 Olympic promos features a mix of both serious and comical promotional initiatives released in the spirit of the games.

Be it a commercial that is meant to promote the international sporting event or one that is merely showing its support and sponsorship, most have one thing in common -- they are epic and creative. Using short clips of past athletes in the middle of celebration, deep dramatic music or slow-motion, high-energy action shots are all ways to achieve this melodramatic effect.

It rarely matters whether the ad has a specific country bias -- for example, even if a commercial is obviously supporting team Great Britain, the calls of excellence, perseverance and pure opportunity will rile up people hailing from any corner of the planet. These power-packing promos elevate Olympians to a diety-like level, focusing on the raw emotion of sport instead of the divides in culture.