- Jun 28, 2013
Looking at the history of Lomography photography, it's easy to see that the retro-like snapping style is one of the most poignant advents of modern photographical endeavours. While Lomography photography itself is something of a trademarked brand, the style has extended outward in our society to influence everything from art to social media (Instagram, anyone?).

There are several variations you'll find in this collection ranging from physical cameras to photoshoots that utilize the photographical style to recreate a retro scene that emphasizes a modern set of designs, styles or clothing. It's interesting to look over the number of products and instances of how Lomography photography has popped up over the past twenty or so years and philosophize as to what the future will hold for the impostor retro snapping effect.

From Retro Panoramic Cameras to Globe-Trotting Cameras: