Cult Clubs Cater to Non Digital Enthusiasts

 - Jan 25, 2007
References: lomography
Vintage analogical cameras start to hit the streets again! At a time when digital photography is on every corner and in everyone's hands, a new vintage movement coming from lovers of analogical cameras is hitting hard. The irreverence, funny and multi- opportunities that give the Lomo family is getting, little by little, the heart of all the most creative and edgy people around the globe. Be a lomofriend!

The story goes back to the 90's, when two Viennese students bought a LC- A (Lomo Kompakt Automat) in an old photography shop and were shooting to death just for the fun of it. They were very, very surprised when they got their films developed and discovered plenty of little fresh- fun pictures. By 1992, they founded The Lomography Society, focused on the development of a new funky way of photographing the world. They have spread ever-since and throughout the world the most irreverent and funny small plastic gadgets with a wide range of options: from the exciting re-launched Fisheye 2, which they claimed to be "the world's only 35mm camera with a built-in fisheye lens" that allows you to go up to 180- degree view with an external colour flash option; to the iconic Holga or the Supersampler with its four objectives that is, in terms of the creators, "the Queen of all multi-lensed cameras" that takes four sequential shots with its Japanese panoramic lenses.

One of the funniest thing is to get Lomo missions every month, so you can submit your own pictures on the theme proposed and be part of a global Lomo exposition that takes place every few years around the globe. The last ones have been held in London, NY, Madrid or Hong Kong.