'Puddle Shots' by Gavin Hammond Depicts Rainy London Life

Photographer Gavin Hammond's 'Puddle Shots' series records a rainy London, England through beautiful lomography. Hammond's photos are reflections of the city taken through water puddles. The collection provides a perspective that is often stepped over in a city infamous for its' precipitation. Hammond used this downpour of creativity to capture London in its truest form -- drippy and delightful.

The black and white photos provide an almost gothic feel. However, the stark contrasts emphasize the picturesque qualities of London. The photographs capture some of London's most recognizable monuments: the Tate Modern, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye.

The collection offers a great way to reflect on a dreary day. Getting lost in the beauty these photographs provide will offer a chance for some singing in the rain, however cliche that may be.