Lomography Gallery Store Toronto

Trend Hunter headed to the urban jungle of Queen Street West, or more precisely the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto for a new camera launch recently. We had been invited for a party to celebrate the launch of the Animal Edition lomo camera in January. Lomography is a style of photography built around spontaneity and care-free photos -- in essence the opposite of digital camera use. It’s morphed into a whole lifestyle for some people, so Lomography has come to describe a distinct photography style as well as the brand of cameras.

The Lomography Gallery Store in Toronto was morphed to set the mood too. Everyone was romping around in animal hats, hippos were chilling at the cheese dip watering hole, and free alcohol and animalistic tunes set the ambiance. The Trend Hunter interns were at their finest, as Jana and John looked like rock star models and Harris and I spent most of the time snacking on cheese. It was rowdy!