From Exotically Enticing Editorials to Zebra-Clad Skaters

 - Nov 15, 2011
Most wild animals furs are gorgeous because of their patterns and colors, which is why many fashion designers and artists find inspirations in animals like zebras to create zesty zebra-print innovations. These black-and-white horses sport some of the most beautiful fur patterns found in nature because of the color and the irregular but captivating strips.

Found in clothes, shoes, carpets, walls and accessories, this print is elegant and fun; its design adds a wild touch to products and make them look more appealing to costumers who enjoy a safari-themed fashions and ideas. These jungle styles also make rooms and spaces eccentric and fashionable if they are decorated accordingly.

For those looking to walk on the wild side, these zesty zebra-print innovations will give them many more reasons to like these wild horses and their coats.