Customize Your Nintendo by Adding Gems and Zebra Patterns

 - Jun 18, 2009   Updated: Apr 4 2011
References: chasethechuckwagon & gearfuse
Some DIY projects can be boring, but transforming your Nintendo into a Pimptendo certainly isn't.

Although it may not be the classiest item in your house, you can customize your Nintendo system by adding a zebra skin finish, purple frills and stick-on gems.

Do it to your own gaming system--or your sibling's beloved console as a crude joke.

Implications - Technology can oftentimes seem impersonal and devoid of humanity, but the ability to customize one's gadgets or consoles definitely helps people add a little personality to the devices that they love and enjoy. Innovations such as this represent an emerging consumer desire to add their own identity or sense of humor to their beloved gadgets -- something that more companies would be wise to take into account.