The Lomography Peacock 110 X-pro Film Offers Two Colorful Outcomes

The Lomographic Society has long been championing the revival of analogue photography, and with the new 110 X-pro film, it continues to thrive as the worldwide leader in retro-photography.

The Lomography Peacock 110 X-pro film is the worlds first 110 slide film after many years of discontinuation, which is sure to delight many retro photo enthusiasts. With two different ways to process the film, the 110 X-pro film is sure to appeal to both fans of funky blue-green colored photos and fans of ultra-realistic, sharp photos. Whatever your preference is, the 110 X-pro film is sure to take your pictures to new, colorful heights.

Compatible with all 110-format cameras from the Lomographic Society, the new 110 X-pro film will surely be a great fit in the new Fisheye Baby 110 and Diana Baby cameras.