From Zipper Eye Accessories to Fire-Spitting Bras

 - May 16, 2010   Updated: Jun 2 2011
These legendary Lady Gaga finds explore the ruler of today's pop world. Nothing she does goes unnoticed or undiscussed. The elaborate costumes, her jaw-dropping stage performances and her uncanny ability to craft infectious pop anthems have culminated in her becoming known as the "new Madonna."

What's next for incomparable Lady Gaga? Who knows. But for now, take a look at these legendary Lady Gaga finds.

Implications - As this collection demonstrates, the popularity of certain individuals and products has the ability to create entire industries based on capitalizing on that particular person or thing's fame. As such, it may be in a corporation's best interest to collaborate with a current media sensatio as a way to generate interest in a new product through positive association.