From Lauren Conrad Destroying Books to DIY Highlighter-Hued Tresses

 - Aug 21, 2012
Lauren Conrad is best known for her role on MTV’s reality show called ‘The Hills,’ as well as her self-titled blog and the wildly successful 'The Beauty Deparment.' She more recently, however, has gained recognition under the headlines "Lauren Conrad destroying books."

Her DIY Bookshelf Box project involved taking apart brand new series of Lemony Snicket books, which angered many, who then took to Twitter and Facebook to complain. Overall, the concept behind the project was great, but unfortunately she came under scrutiny for it. 

If you are not aware, Conrad has her own lifestyle and beauty blog, in which she shares simple tips and ideas for women. She has also written five books, and has two fashion lines. By taking her strengths and utilizing the fame she garnered while starring on The Hills, Conrad was able to build a successful brand that many girls are flocking to.