From Couture VR Experiences to Apothecary-Style Beauty Flagships

 - Jun 28, 2015
The June 2015 luxury experiences and goods demonstrate how the affluent are behaving as consumers and what constitutes first-class. From high-end fashion brands to the best in transportation and travel, these luxurious products and services are reserved for the wealthy.

Transportation and transport themes continue to be prevalent when it comes to June 2015 luxury. From car-inspired aircraft cabins to luxurious oceanic theaters, people are certainly looking to travel in style.

People are also making everyday items or even low-brow mainstays more opulent, such as caviar containing vending machines and deceptively expensive burgers. Even toothbrushes are getting extravagant, tech-fueled makeovers for people willing to pay.

Decadence is also reflected in architecture, with motifs ranging from gothic to gilded. In today's consumer-driven culture, people are continuing to showcase their success by collecting expensive possessions.