- Jul 20, 2019
A lot of the examples in the July 2019 gadgets list are geared toward making the living experience at home more comfortable and practical. From the Totcooly which is a three-in-one air conditioner that cools, keeps drinks cold, and purifies the air to Yeong Seok Go's conceptual 'Wall Router' which is created to fit the aesthetics of modernism, the gadgets definitely move dwellings one step closer to the practicality of the smart home.

There are many more July 2019 gadgets that elevate this experience, including negative ion air purifiers and rice cookers that reduce carbohydrates. As it is only natural for equilibriums to be disturbed when inserting so many high-tech products in one's life, Katja Trinkwalder and Pia-Marie Stute provide a series of devices that address digital paranoia and data security, as well.

From Celebratory Gamer Peripherals to Three-in-One Air Conditioners: