The Sewell Ghost Wire 2.0 Hides Cords in Plain Sight

 - Jun 21, 2019
References: sewelldirect & coolthings
Cords and cables are still essential for home entertainment setups but are notorious for causing visual distractions in a space, so the Sewell Ghost Wire 2.0 has been created to help alleviate this occurrence. The wires are embedded into a tape that is completely flat and capable of being positioned almost anywhere in the home on walls or ceilings. The wiring can then be covered with paint, a drywall compound, artwork, floor coverings and much more to hide them in plain sight for a clean finish.

The Sewell Ghost Wire 2.0 can be easily connected to an adapter at the end to let users customize the exact length of wiring they need. The flexible design of the tape can be further smoothed out using a hairdryer to make it more malleable.