The Conceptual 'CounterBug' Confuses Connected Solutions

 - Jun 13, 2019
References: erlendprendergast & tuvie
Voice assistant technology is quickly becoming a mainstay part of the average home which is creating concerns surrounding online privacy, so the conceptual 'CounterBug' devices have been designed to provide a defense.

Designed by Erlend Prendergast, the devices will work with Amazon Alexa-enabled speakers and counteract against data collection by confusing their functionality. The 'MurMur' will tell the speaker something opposing to confuse targeted advertising, the 'Blabber' will start inane conversations with the unit and the 'Scramble' will shout to prevent potential trigger words from being detected.

The conceptual 'CounterBug' devices address the increasing concerns from many consumers regarding their desire for enhanced connectivity using voice assistant technology, but the need to keep their lifestyle private. We'll likely continue to see more solutions that offer aftermarket protection as voice assistant technology becomes increasingly commonplace.