- Jul 23, 2016
Grooming kits, ultra-personalized skincare systems and fragrant lip glosses are a few of the innovative ideas that have emerged as some of the newest July 2016 personal care products.

Conventional care products like soap, lipsticks and shampoos are being reinvented in new forms that introduce entirely new uses; Sudsy Dough makes moldable soap toys, Kailijumei embeds small flowers inside its jelly lipsticks and UNITE's 7SECONDS Refresher is a clay shampoo that's released in a spray.

While peel-off face masks have existed for some time now, this type of product is now being sold to consumers in smaller formats suited for specific areas of the face. For instance, Skinaz makes a peel-off lip stain, while Etude House offers a peeling brow tint. Rather than being completely removed after treatment is finished, the newest generation of peel-of products is designed to leave lasting color on an intended area of the face.

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