From Heroine Haute Couture to New York Gangster Fashion

 - Jul 19, 2010
This collection of Jessica Stam spreads shows off the model's versatility and why she's gained the "babe" title. Stam can look cute, hot, sexy, sophisticated and silly while remaining one of the most beautiful models in the industry.

Our collection of Jessica Stam spreads features an array of her work from heroine haute couture to New York gangster fashion. This girl's got it -- and she definitely isn't disappearing anytime soon.

Implications - XX.

With endless fashion shoots under her belt that the aspiring model can only dream about, Stram's career seems limitless and it's no doubt fashion insiders agree. No matter what the style, she has certainly proven her look is worth its weight in gold, and it's no doubt photographers and designers are eager to get her on their bill.