From Miniature Mesh Water Filters to Solar-Powered Water Purifiers

 - Feb 21, 2013
While we often take for granted the notion of clean water, third world countries are often left with little opportunity to have fresh and filtered water at their convenience, but these inventive water filters are perfect for those looking for a creative way to cleanse their running water.

Filtering water requires features that can extract all the harmful toxins and chemicals that exist in ordinary tap water. The development of technology and science has resulted in a wide array of purifiers that make filtering water more practical. From portable water filters that can literally fit into your cup or container, to purifiers that are solar-powered and robotic, these inventive water filter designs make the process of drinking clean water much more interactive.

These modern water purifiers showcase how far the technological advancement of filtering has come, and they continue to highlight the importance of bringing fresh water to those who need it.