The Next Ro Water Filtration System is Sophisticated in Form and Function

 - Jan 13, 2013
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Despite its slender form and sculpted base, the Next Ro Water Filtration System is no simple appliance. The exquisite contraption is more than a tap that delivers a deliciously pure drink, it also boasts the capacity to put excess liquid to a second use. It's not just a pretty face!

Sung-Wook Jung and Hun-Jung Choi designed the gorgeous long neck of the filtering faucet so that it's high enough to fill taller pitchers. This slender metal component embodies great poise with its rigid cylindrical form, its tiny twig-like tap and its lovely silver luster.

The bottom of the Coway Next Ro Water Filtration System collects the fluid that's been extracted from the purification process. This H2O is used cleverly in the integrated humidifier that you'd never know was part of the compact apparatus.