Internet of Things CES 2015 Tech Displays Connectivity

 - Jan 13, 2015
When it comes to some of the most interesting Internet of Things CES 2015 devices, there was a huge focus on connecting rather ordinary, everyday objects to one another. Moving beyond watches that are only able to tell time, companies like Hyundai and Audi debuted smartwatches that are able to interact with one’s car. This theme is also being seen in items like socks, headphones, bags, necklaces and even doorbells.

For practical use in the home, IoT technology can be seen in devices like the Oomi Cube, the Bosch Home Connect App and the Sengled Snap smart light. Blending all of these concepts and looking ahead into the future, at CES 2015, Robotbase proposed introducing a personal robot to the home, capable of activating and monitoring multiple devices within a hyper-connected house.