The Hypr-3 Facilitates Mobile Transactions Conveniently and Securely

 - Jan 8, 2015
References: hyprkey & cnet
Hypr-3, a payment gadget that debuted at CES 2015, harnesses the power of Bluetooth to make mobile transactions through any device it is attached to.

The Hypr-3 corresponds with an accompanying app, which functions as a "mobile wallet," storing users' credit and debit information.

Beyond the convenience factor, the Hypr-3's main selling point is its security. The three-part authentication system requires that users have the device itself (a 3.2mm stick that's stuck on the back of a phone or anywhere it can connect to Bluetooth). Secondly, the device encrypts the users' fingerprint, giving them exclusive access to it. The third part is the pin number that will unlock the device. In other words, it would be very hard for anyone to hack into the system, as they would need the device, an authorized fingerprint and pin number to do so.