Motion-Sensing Headphones Understand Hand Movements as Commands

 - Jan 10, 2015
References: jbl & theverge
While wearing these motion-sensing headphones, you wouldn't have to look or feel around for a button in order to skip from one song to the next. Exhibited at CES 2015, the JBL Synchros and Reflect Response earbuds have been optimized to receive user instructions based on gestures.

The company calls their products "the world's first in-ear Bluetooth headphones with motion sensor control." Integrating a detector, each device requires just an easy flick of the wrist, letting you browse though your libraries and playlists and enabling you to adjust the sound volume of the earbuds for your entertainment and phone conversations. The wireless feature of these motion-sensing headphones ensures you won't get yourself in a tangle either.

Photo Credits: CNET | G Style