From Glowing LED Gowns to Precautionary Glowing Accessories

 - Nov 26, 2012
For those times that call for a more futuristic and ethereal look, when you need to simply glow in the dark, try some illuminated fashions to make you stand out from the crowd.

With lots of light-up apparel to choose from, including sporty running shoes, designer high heels, dresses, bikinis and more, you can party all night long and everyone's eyes will be all on you. Not just for raves and parties, glowing attire such as turn-signal gloves and illuminating vests, can also help you stay safe while walking or riding your bike at night. Finally, fun pieces such as light-up lingerie and glowing bras bring light to a frisky night.

Illuminated fashions add lots of excitement and can also be functional as every-day wear.