1024 Architecture Create a Crazy Glowing Stick Man

1024 Architecture consists of two innovative, electronically savvy minds that specialize in more than just architecture, but in creation. The first half of the team is Pier Scheider, who sees himself as video architect and urban artist. François Wunschel, on the other hand, sees himself as a media wrangler that spends far too much time on the computer. Together they work with geometric audio-visual projection mapping spectacles and create large-scale projects such as Make the Line Dance.

Make the Line Dance is yet another collaborative project between 1024 Architecture and EXYZT's Studios, which includes architect graduates, designer, photographers and DJs. The group orchestrates lively lit, public installations at an array of events, with Make the Line Dance serving as a perfect example. The boys used a Kinect to track the movement of a dancer, mapping a video layer onto the moving body to sync the video and live movement.