From Provocative Watercolors to Bleeding Color Silhouettes

 - Jul 17, 2011
There lacks a general appreciation within modern society for the importance and significance that high-fashion illustrations can have on the fashion world. In fact, beyond the fashion world itself, many designers' couture sketches and drawings have bountiful effects on other industries.

This collection of high-fashion illustrations visually demonstrates the wide range of dynamic fashion sketches that exist. Each of these sketches, watercolors, caricatures and illustrations is more stunning than the last, thereby creating an array of high-fashion illustrations that is undeniably captivating. Such illustrations are likely to remain a prominent part of the primary stages of many designer's creative processes.

Implications - Sketches and illustrations have begun to fade from the creative forefronts of many contemporary businesses' creative processes as technology gains new appreciation. While technology can greatly aid the digital creation of imagery, companies mustn't forget the impact illustrations like these can have on creative processes and consumers.