The Fashionary Menswear Sketchbook & Dictionary Has it All

 - Aug 31, 2010
References: & hypebeast
This brilliant, intuitive sketchbook was first produced by Fashionary for designers specializing in womenswear. Now, Fashionary has customized a new edition for both aspiring and well-established designers focused in the menswear department.

The Fashionary menswear sketchbook dictionary is based on three important elements, which designers live by: "Fashion + Dictionary + Diary." This must-have sketchbook contains 400 templates for quick, spur-of-the-moment design ideas that must be drawn ASAP. Body figures as well as templates for accessories (hats, neck wear, shoes, etc) are included, too.

The sketchbook is also packaged with a very informative fashion dictionary for quick referencing on measurements, patterns, spec sheets, seams, stitches, fabric and many more technical details to help the designer in their brainstorming process.