From Freaky Masks to Fake Beards & Full-Face Accessories

 - Jul 1, 2009   Updated: Aug 8 2011
While the 90 innovations in this slideshow couldn't be more different, they all successfully hide your face. My muse for this series was Wilson from 'Home Improvement,' Tim Allen's neighbor who always seemed to find a way to obscure his face with props like fences, garden equipment and power tools.

From freaky masks to full-face accessories and faux beards, these innovations let you hide your face in beautiful, bizarre and downright freaky ways.

Implications - A mask's central appeal lies in its dozens of purposes, whether it's self-expression, privacy or simply a special festival. With each function, yet another business opportunity arises. Design companies willing to tackle the multiple facets of masks will likely be rewarded by consumers eager to conceal or express themselves.